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Benedicts is a fantastic restaurant in Norwich, a highlight of the foodie scene that’s growing in this vibrant and friendly city! It’s on the Michelin guide, and no wonder – the food here is amazing and the menu is regularly changed to keep it fresh. This means each time we’ve been, we’ve manged to taste something completely different, seasonal and often very local done in a fabulous haute-cuisine style.

If it’s a special occasion (or even if not, we say!!) go for the tasting menu, as this will give you a great diversity of complementary dishes to showcase chef Richard Bainbridge’s skills. If you’re really pushing the boat out, add on the wine matching menu to get a glass of something delicious, designed to go perfectly with each dish.


Whilst the quality is high and the plates are elegant, this is a modern, understated place with stripped back decor and an approachable atmosphere – think Michelin star tastes without the painfully polite silver service!

We can’t stop going back and advise you try it out! Just don’t get addicted like us as it’s a rather expensive habit if you don’t just go for a special treat…!