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H&J Ice Cream

A trip to Southwold isn’t complete without the obligatory (and much loved) beach ice cream! But do yourself a favour and head to Harris & James gelato to get the best in town. They’re just near the Lord Nelson pub, on the walk from town down to the beach so it won’t be melted by the time you get onto the golden sand!

They’re chocolate makers, coffee roasters, bakers and fresh gelato creators and we love them! They use fantastic fresh coffee and cocoa beans to create all of their sweet treats and to keep them as authentic as possible. The beans themselves are carefully sourced from around the world, and the milk and cream used in the gelato is all local product.

The gelato comes in some fabulous and unusual flavours, as well as all the family favourites, and there are some glorious cakes including gluten free choices to tempt you whilst you’re there. If the weather isn’t being kind, the hot drinks menu is welcoming, with proper indulgent hot chocolate and all the toppings, or if you’re looking for a souvenir gift, their homemade chocolates taste and look divine.

What’s more you can get a Southwold Lighthouse shaped chocolate in your ice cream!!! Instagram opportunities don’t get better than that…