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New Year

To celebrate the New Year in a different way this year, head to Lowestoft Ness Point to the most easterly point in the UK to catch the sunrise first! A growing number of people are heading to the point to greet the new day before anyone else in England and watching as the sun breaks over the horizon and casts a beautiful light over the North Sea.

With the wind farm to the North and Lowestoft beach to the south, with some fabulous sunrise skies you can get some amazing opportunities to take some shots if you’re into photography.

There’s an award-winning beach nearby if you’d like to spend the evening or morning of New Year’s Day in more picturesque surroundings (Ness Point itself is quite unceremonious!) and then head to the most easterly point for daybreak.

Just bring along a deck chair and your own New Year’s picnic and welcome in the New Year with Auld Lang Syne in a unique location this year and celebrate the calm, quiet nature of Suffolk.